Tired of struggling to be seen and heard when you know just as much as the "experts"?

That could be you on local news and national talk shows.


That could be you who everyone thinks of as the expert.


And that could be you -- earning more while working in your purpose and creating a community around your message and your ideas.


If you're like many coaches, consultants, speakers, and entrepreneurs I meet, you see the experts in the media or onstage, and you think: That should be me!


Those people own their niche, and everyone knows it.


They're doing work they love, making a difference, and making a lot of money in the process.


And what do they all have in common?


They're all authors. 


That could be you in front of the camera or behind the mic. It should be you.


But to get that kind of credibility you need tangible proof of what you know.


Some things haven't changed: Author = Authority.


You need to write your book to get decision-makers to recognize your expertise.


Writing a short book can help you get exactly where you want to be.

Writing a book is the best way to:

  • Be the Recognized Expert​

    Instantly put yourself on the same level as other experts in your niche. Attract your ideal clients with your expertise.

  • Share Your Message

    You have unique philosophies, knowledge, and stories. (Trust me on this.) People a few steps behind you in their journey want to learn from you. Give them what they need in your book.

  • Lead Readers to Your Products and Services

    Follow the simple steps in this system to continue your relationship with your readers beyond your book. Lead them to where they can work with you or buy more from you.

  • Influence and Earn More

    Position yourself ready for media appearances, bigger stages, and speaking engagements that pay more.

  • Reach New Audiences

    Reach people who aren't on your email list or following you on social media. Introduce yourself to more of the people who want what you have to offer.

  • Get Almost-Ideal Clients Ready to Work with You

    Everyone wants to work with ideal clients. But some people just aren't ready for your programs yet. Use your book to help them get ready.

Writing your book is the best way to position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.

Imagine being known as the expert who "wrote the book on it."

Imagine landing paid speaking gigs because you've added your book to your speaker sheet.


Imagine handing potential clients a copy of your book. They quickly see exactly why they should work with you.


You know your book is helping hundreds and thousands of people solve a painful problem or achieve a life-changing goal.


You share your message with wider and wider audiences as you make the rounds of podcasts and TV and radio shows. They want to hear from you, the author-expert.


In an uncertain economy, you have your book sales and all the other streams of income your book creates to depend on.


You're a successful author and you've used your book to grow your platform and your business.








“How do I choose the right book idea?”


“How many pages does my book need to be taken seriously?”


“How much of my story do I have to tell in my book?’


“And how do I actually publish my book once I’ve finished writing it?”

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve wanted to write a book for a long time, but you can’t figure out where to get started.


You have more than one book idea, and you can’t decide which to write first.


You keep hearing from people that you should write a book, but the idea is overwhelming.


You’ve tried writing a book, but you can’t seem to get past the first few pages.


Those struggles are all too common.

You need a proven process to write your book.

Welcome to Short Books: Big Results.

The proven step-by-step process to write and publish a world-class book that positions you as the expert.

For People Called to Fulfill a Purpose and Transform Lives with Your Story and Your Knowledge 

Candice provided just the support I needed to get my book written and ready to publish.

Antonia Lofaso

Master Chef & Restauranteur

Candice helped me make my words sing on paper with her literary skills.

Yvette Gavin

Consultant & Leadership Expert

Candice helped me bring my book into the world in record time. Together we made it happen. 

Dolley Carlson

Author & International Speaker

Here's What You'll Discover in Short Books: Big Results

  • Module 1

    • How to make time to write your book

    • How long your book should be
    • Which book idea to write NOW
    • One element every great book must have
  • Module 2

    • Why you must identify your one perfect reader 
    • Your book's two purposes--and why they both matter
    • What section of the bookstore your book belongs in
    • How to create a compelling title and subtitle
  • Module 3

    • The easy way to outline your book
    • What each chapter should have in common
    • How to get readers to seek you out for more products and services
  • Module 4

    • How to set up your manuscript for success
    • The secret to harness the power of story
    • How to break through writer's block and write past your doubts
  • Module 5

    • Who you need on your publishing dream team
    • When and how to work with beta readers
    • Self-publishing red flags and green lights
    • How to work with an editor
    • Best practices for book design
  • Module 6

    • Copyright and ownership
    • Where to sell your books
    • How to get distribution beyond Amazon
    • Plan for your book launch and beyond

You'll get the support you need to start and finish writing your book.

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Why Write a Short Book?

Attention spans have gotten shorter, and let's face it. No one wants to read a lot of fluff.


Long books can be great, but the quality of your content counts much more than the number of pages you write.


Get big results with a short book--not a pamphlet or a long blog post--that speaks to your audience and helps them solve a problem or achieve a goal.

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    Complete the modules when they fit in your schedule, and ask your questions on our coaching calls or in our Facebook community as they come up.

    How do I know if this program is right for me?

    This program IS for you if:


    You understand how a book can help you have a much bigger positive impact.


    You’re ready to be recognized as the expert and expand your platform with a book.


    You care deeply about the quality of your book and how it serves your readers.

    This program is NOT for you if:


    You just want to write a long blog post and slap a cover on it. We're writing real books.


    You couldn't care less about quality as long as you have a book with your name on it.


    You're writing a novel--or you want to write your book in a weekend.

    You're busy, I know. But you can write your book.

    "I don't have time to write a book."

    You'll have to prioritize your book and set aside time to do the assignments and to write. That's why one of your first video lessons covers setting writing goals you can actually achieve. 

    "I'm not really a writer."

    You don't have to be the world's best writer to write a phenomenal book. The video lessons will show you how to structure your book and make it engaging to your readers. And you'll learn how to work with an editor who can polish what you write.

    "I don't know anything about publishing a book."

    Don't worry. I walk you through the publishing process as well. And I even share my trusted publishing professionals with you.

    There has never been a better time to write and publish your book.

    Starting now will position you to:

    • Create a new stream of passive income in uncertain economic times.
    • Have a positive impact on the people who need your story and knowledge the most.
    • Lead clients to your new or existing business.
    • Create a service, course, or workshop based on your book.
    • Start charging to speak as the world slowly reopens and we all get to attend conferences and seminars again.

    You have a choice. Don’t allow yourself to put this off any longer. This time will pass whether you get started or not. Choose you.

    You absolutely can write the book that positions you as the expert and makes a real difference in your readers' lives.

    You Might Be Wondering

    This sounds good, but how long is a short book?

    The short books I encourage my clients to write and publish are not the "big business card" kinds of books some experts suggest people to write. Those are often no more than long blog posts or substantial pamphlets. They serve a different purpose from the kinds of books we write in this program.


    To create a high-quality book, in most circumstances, you'll want to come in around 30,000 words or 100 typed pages. Some of my clients have written phenomenal, bestselling how-to books that are only about 23,000 words or around 75 typed pages. 


    And you can absolutely write a longer book with this program if that's what your subject requires.

    What if I get stuck?

    Is this another course I have to figure out on my own?

    Will this program take a lot of time?

    What if I'm not a writer?

    Is this just for business books? Or can I use this program to write my personal story?

    How long does my access to the program last?

    What's the refund policy for this course?

    Will this program help me write my novel?

    So why should you trust me to help you write your book?


    Hey there! I’m Candice. And it’s my mission to help as many people as possible write phenomenal books that make a real difference for readers--and for the author.


    I’ve spent the last two decades working as a book editor, author coach, and ghostwriter. I've written more than 24 books, and I've coached dozens of writers to make their books the very best they could be.


    My clients have used their books to become bestselling authors, launch new lines of business, land media appearances, get paid for speaking, and much more.


    I’m excited to help you write and publish your book!

    It's your time to write your book.

    My clients have used their books to land appearances on major stages and media outlets, including: 


    Dr. Phil  

    Dr. Oz  

    The Steve Harvey Morning Show (radio) 

    Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit  

    Disney Dreamers Academy


    Sister Circle Live

    Cutthroat Kitchen

    The Breakfast Club

    Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan

    Steve Harvey (daytime TV)

    Good Morning America  

    The Essence Festival

    The Hero Roundtable, London, England 

    Fox and Friends 

    The Social  

    The 700 Club

    The White House

    Local new outlets 

    And many more . . .


    Yes, that could be you.

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